A mysterious flu-like illness

H1N1, or “Swine Flu” is a minor, containable situation.

6 Responses to “A mysterious flu-like illness”

  1. What? No Resident Evil??

    Ya know it’s all fun and games until………….until the dead get up and start walking.

  2. Heh … couldn’t find the right clip. Glad to hear someone else is on my wavelength, though. :o

  3. Swine flu doesn’t seem so bad if you yell it with General Burkhalter’s accent. “KLINK! YOU ARE SHVINE FLU!”

  4. It’s funny you should post the Stand as your first clip. When I heard of this (we’ve been in Paris for the last few days, so have learned more of this on the BBC), the first thing I thought of was Captain Trips.

    Am I the only one wondering why the Mexican border is still open? Having lived in California all my life, it really scares me that there are already over 70 confirmed cases of Swine Flu.

    Have I asked why is the border still open?

  5. Happy Walpurgis Night! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Walpurgis_Night

    But does it seems fishy to anyone that this outbreak of “swine flu” coincides with one of the largest witches’ sabbats? Hmm… time to stock up on holy water!

  6. I dont think it would be such a bad thing if the dead did rise. It would be like being in my favorite horror movie…..yeah:)