There has only ever been one Christmas – The rest are anniversaries

One of life’s truths is that one’s dedication to an ideal is reflected in the complexity of one’s Christmas light display.

This is completely unfair, of course. Who’s to say that the house with 50,000 lights, a penguin army, and Santa flying a helicopter across the front yard harbors more Christmas spirit than that house with the single strand of mini lights tossed haphazardly over the bushes? It’s not a question of spirit, really, but another compulsion altogether. Or mania.

It is also a truth of life that Christmas lights are dangerous and will try to kill you. They’re not content to simply hang from your gutters. One or two lights on the highest gable will conspire to go out right after you put away your extension ladder. Going back up that ladder is the equivalent of investigating an odd moaning noise at the back door during a zombie outbreak. It’s a ruse. Leave it be.

Better to pursue your ideal by focusing on other things like making little Santa hats to put on all your lawn flamingos.

Snug Harbor’s Christmas lights – and flamingos with little santa hats

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