Love makes the world go ’round, with a little help from intrinsic angular momentum

Everyone always said Alex was a bright boy. Blinding, really. About the only thing that would lure him out of the basement and away from his Radio Shack project kits was a Dreamsicle.  And bug zappers.  They say the sun sort of fried his brain.
Meat. A bloody burger welded to a steel plate. And lest you forget the corporate masters’ wishes, just repeat the mantra, “Meat …you’re right in liking it.”
After her husband Harold left, Jenny’s only option to put food on the table was to go to work. It didn’t take long until she finally found a steady paycheck in fast food as a drive-up speaker.
“I’ve got a taste for livin’, I’m thinkin cold Blue Ribbon, I’ve got Pabst Blue Ribbon on my mind.” And if the unprepared fish boiling in their own mercury don’t give you the trots, a sixpack of PBRs will.
This 1964 Good Housekeeping recipe shows that kitchen decor can be made to clash even with food. Or, at least what passed for food, for example this plate of what appears to be recently regurgitated peas over four enormous tobacco worms injected with Cheez Wiz.A chicken leg looks on in horror.

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