What doing?

Spookyblue Skunk Works

It’s late. The radio buzzes interference from the overhead florescents, and an occasional electric cough confirms the approach of a thunderstorm. Muffled thunder rumbles in that peculiar echoless way that makes it impossible to judge its distance. It sounds eerily like a giant rolling boulders down the hill behind the house.

The larger moths have stopped divebombing the workbench and now alight high on the walls to escape the breeze that stirs the sawdust at my feet. I can hear a flag whir and pop somewhere out in the dark.

Grumble, our scarecrow (egregia cum laude), glares down at me with smoldering eyes from his tall perch. His dusty Jack-o-lantern head is wreathed by moths. He says, “What doing?”

“Maybe it’s time to call it a night,” I think to myself. A flicker of cyan races across the sky, and another boulder rolls down the hill.

It’s your old pal Spook here. “What doing?” is a popular topic that’s been appearing in my inbox a lot lately. That, and “where do you buy your scarecrow heads?” Gaah.

Doing and talking about it become mutually exclusive when the doing occupies a certain number of hours past one’s bedtime each night. In any case, here’s a sample of what’s been doing. The list includes Mrs. Spookyblue’s anniversary present, an alien mask sculpt, and the “AC-426 Slaughterator”. The Slaughterator will appear in a movie that is slated for release at the end of the year.


Mrs Spookyblue's anniversary present











3 Responses to “What doing?”

  1. The gun looks great and I can’t wait to see the alien mask.

  2. Agreed.
    Incredible work here!
    I’m floored….

    You’re gonna be the next big name in movie props.

  3. You misspelled “disaster”.