Von Charon Productions

'Psychosurgical Coat' - Von Charon Productions
Picture a lunatic doctor with glowing spectacles, elbow-length black rubber gloves, and a “vee haff vays uff makkink zshyou tolk” accent.

Now button him up in a “Psychosurgical Coat” from Von Charon Productions and then try to get it back without a crowbar.

We met the Von Charons, Tom and Anita, at Indy Haunt Fest in Indianapolis, and they were as friendly and hospitable as their products are creepy and unsettling.

If you’re in charge of outfitting the staff and clientele for your local haunted asylum this year, it would be worth the time to look at Von Charon’s “Insane Ensemble” haunt costumes. Each piece is made, according to designer and chief fabricator, Tom, “from the first cut of fabric to the last stitch by yours-truly, right in our own little shop of horrors.”

“These are not your average home haunt costumes,” Tom said. “They are designed and constructed of materials that will be comfortable and still stand up to the nightly abuse given them by professional haunt actors. Our restraint jackets are NOT fetish wear and are completely escapable.”'Relapse Jacket' - Von Charon Productions

Curious about what inspired Tom’s work, I asked where he got his ideas.

“True story … one of my earliest childhood memories was that of being trampled by two guys in a cow suit on trick-or-treat night. I can still recall being amazed and terrified at an age before I could even comprehend what that meant. I was two years old.”

You still wake up sometimes, don’t you, Tom? You wake up in the dark and hear the cows.

In any case, these costumes look great, and the folks at Von Charon really couldn’t be nicer. Discriminating psychopathic doctors wouldn’t be caught dead -and mutilated by their deranged patients- wearing anything else.

Proofreader: Are you sure it’s a good idea to poke fun about the cows?
S. Blue: He won’t come after me. He would consider that rude.

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  1. That’s okay “Mr.” Headspook…make fun of my traumatic childhood experiences, but don’t forget…”It’s what’s for dinner”…(AH,HA,Ha,ha,ha)
    Thanks for the kind and generous words. Ya know, we strange, slightly-tilted, off-center types need to congregate a little more often. It is definitely a HOOT.