There are 317 days in August

Giant Paper Mache PumpkinsAsk any parent waiting for the first day of school.

Summer, while not yet officially over, and seemingly unwilling to leave the premises without a police escort, is nevertheless finally winding down. Shadows grow bold and come out a little earlier each day. This is their time to sniff the air, check the alarm clock, strrrretch, and roll over for another catnap.

The aromas of baking asphalt, grape soda, earthworms, fresh tomatoes, and hot canvas will be gone soon and followed by the unmistakable fragrance of a freshly sharpened pencil, new sneakers, and old library books.

School’s in session, and we’re gearing up to teach a series of paper mache classes that begins on September 16.
Grue the zombie enjoys daisiesAnyone living in the Indyucky (Kentuckiana) area who is interested in attending must register before the September 10 deadline. Clarksville Parks & Recreation is hosting the class and handling registrations.

Classes will be 6:00PM-8:00PM on Sept 16, 23, 30, and Oct 7.

In this 8hr course, we’ll start with the basics, explore paper clay that you make yourself, and then tackle giant Jack-O-Lanterns, gargoyles, and more.

GrumbleFor more info…
Clarksville Parks & Rec “Things to Do”
Registration Form

Note: We’re third down on the list, so make sure you’re signing up for the right class. I know almost nothing about belly dancing.

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