It’s January – Hold onto your soul

Bored bored boredWelcome to the land of darkness where all is cold and wet. Where the dried up remains of Autumn never blew away in windswept ecstasy but stayed behind to form a sad, soggy carpet. Where sounds are muted and often the music of the night is reduced to a single drip, drip, drip of one wetness migrating to some other wetness.

Welcome to January in Snug Harbor. Where it can become so dull and dreary that you almost welcome the rabble of coyotes that occasionally ranges down off the ridge to howl and squabble and remind you that the world is not completely tame, that civilization is a tenuous myth, a faerie story began around your ancestors’ campfire to calm the nerves, and that in some circles you are still considered food.

The sun seems lost, indifferent, it’s warmth just a memory that up until now was suitably drowned out by the modulation and cadence of Christmas. But now it comes back to haunt the silence and you’re forced to feel the hurt. No circuses. No distractions. Just cold stark grayness. So you wait. Wrap your arms around yourself, hold onto your soul, and wait for Spring.

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