The Great Halloween Storm of 2013

Storm ShelterBright, scary colors on the weather radar compelled our county to spin the clock up 24 hours and move Trick or Treat to last night with about 50% of homes unaware of the change. For the other 50%, Devil’s Night worked out surprisingly well.

Hang on lady - we're going for a ride!Anything over three feet tall that has, or can assume, an airfoil shape was evacuated to the storm shelter ahead of this impending storm of the century. Grumble wanted to ride it out in his tree. He had a strange look in his eyes this morning as he wrapped the ropes around his arms an extra time; exactly like Indiana Jones And The Temple of Doom.

Shadow WoodI probably should have staked down the mausoleum. Its maneuvering capabilities in a high wind roughly equates to a flying brick. I know because I’ve seen it before. We’ll see what’s left when I get home from work tonight.

Happy Halloween!

One Response to “The Great Halloween Storm of 2013”

  1. Hope that everything survived!
    Your display looked awesome! We had down pouring rain for the first couple of hours of T & T, then it cleared for a bit and then started up again, this time with wind… the fog machine died… this was a bummer of a year.