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Waterlogged Plywood

Destroyed Roof
Destroyed Roof

Anyone think that this disaster can be saved?

Our mausoleum roof is deteriorating rapidly from a bad case of the wasgonnas. I was gonna break it down and stack on the deck behind the house. I was gonna throw a tarp over it.

Yeah, I know. Bla bla bla. What did I expect? Fine. I got it. But can it be saved?

The roof is 1/4″ plywood. If I bring it inside and dry it out, I’m wondering if there is enough integrity left in the material that it can be glued and mashed back together. After that, it could be covered with a waterproof laminate.

It’s pretty squishy, so I’m not optimistic. Moisture is probably all that’s holding it together right now and it’s a good bet it will turn to dust after it dries out.

What we have here is an object lesson in “Oh, it’ll be fine”.
It almost never will.