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Louisville not just famous for zombies

Living near Louisville, Kentucky doesn’t only mean that we have more than our fair share of zombie outbreaks*. There is also this thing that happens here every spring called The Kentucky Derby.

It’s actually a festival that began two weeks ago with the largest fireworks show in the US, and culminates in the “fastest two minutes in sports”. Locals, and the annual parade of visitors from around the world, take it very seriously.

The Derby Hat, a tradition that dates back to 1875, can be found on display just about everywhere in and around Louisville this week.

* “Sir, this is Colonel Glover. I’m sorry to disturb you at this hour, sir, but we’re at Q-2 status.”

“It looks like we’ve found that lost consignment of Easter eggs. Yes, sir, pretty sure. They’ve turned up in Louisville. I’m getting confirmations on this from the Louisville Police Department.”

“Louisville, Kentucky, sir. Well, sir, it would be good news, except that the eggs have hatched.”

~Col Horace Glover Return of The Living Dead