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Dave Lowe is Para Abnormal

You owe it to yourself to visit Dave Lowe’s Para Abnormal web comic.

I’ve been a fan of Dave’s work for a while, and he promises 31 days of Halloween cartoons starting October 1. Hooray!

In addition to the comic, Lowe maintains a separate blog where he shares ideas, sketches, silliness, and a general love for life and art. I’ve added him to my list of people I would most like to have lunch with someday. You just can’t help but smile at a blog post that starts, “The other night I was dusting off one of my Star Wars toy shelves.”

This guy is talented on so many levels it’s scary. I especially like the mock-up sketches he does to prepare for a real-world project. From a crashed UFO on the roof to a witch stirring her cauldron in the side yard, it’s amazing to see his charm and humor escape from the page and into reality.

Dave’s career includes 20 years in television as Art Director and Set Designer for such networks as NBC, MTV, Discovery Channel, HGTV, DIY and SCI FI. He also builds custom props for special events, trade shows, theater, and private commissions.

And he’s a super-nice guy. Seems like we haunter types are always saying that about one another. It might be all the pumpkin juice we’ve absorbed or candy corn we’ve nibbled over the years. In any case, thanks, Dave, for sharing.

Dave Lowe Design! ..The blog