Some Valentine’s Day Facts You Didn’t Care To Know

-11 Catholic martyrs named Valentine were recognized by the church until 1969 when the list was trimmed down to two. February 14 honors them both.

-On February 14, 1779, the natives of Hawaii murdered Captain James Cook the great English explorer and navigator.

-Alexander Graham Bell applied for his patent on the telephone, on Valentine’s Day, 1876.

-Thursday, February 14, 1929 was the date of the infamous Valentine Day’s Massacre in which 5 members of Bugs Moran’s gang were lined up and shot by Al Capone’s gang.

-Humorous valentines of the 19th century were called “Vinegar Valentines” or “Penny Dreadfuls”.

-February 14, 1974, The Captain and Tennille were married.

Happy Valentine’s Day!
Hope you get lots of penny dreadfuls this year!

By the way, the Tennilles are still married and live in Nevada.

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