Peace and quiet and ghosts

PeaceIt’s your old pal Spook here (Yep, I’m still around). I figured we’d take a short break to give the two readers that I still have some relief from the dull ache that has become the Blue Aliens saga.

Lightning struck a utility pole last night and plunged Snug Harbor into the 1700’s. It was right before sunset and the weather was still unsettled after a nice little thunderstorm.

Fingers of purple lightning chased each other across the sky, playing hide and seek among the low scudding clouds. Dark windows all up and down the street looked startled, black but for the occasional bobbing flicker of a flashlight or candle within.

Clumps of saturated leaves, tugged by a mischievous breeze at just the right moment, dumped buckets of cold rainwater on unsuspecting passersby. Laughter echoed across the hollow as neighbors stepped out onto front porches to smell the fresh, wet, wonderful air and greet one another like relatives at a family reunion.

Hurricane lamps were brought down from attics, hastily dusted off, and fitted with beeswax candles. The sharp acrid smell of burning hair lasted for just a moment while the cobwebs burned off.

The gathering gloom of night strode confidently into the open to fill every space inky black, but it was frustrated by these small glowing pockets of orange warmth. Elated shadows danced up walls, frolicked on ceilings, and played peek-a-boo from the window curtains. Long ignored, these creatures of imagination were suddenly, gloriously, hilariously brought back to life again.

Sitting at my desk, I breathed in the clean night air through the open window. The dogs were safely tucked in and the cat sat staring at me in her magisterial fashion, perched at the very edge of the desk like cats do. I opened a spiral notebook of crisp paper, slid one of the many candles a little closer, and picked up my Ticonderoga pencil.

It was time to write a ghost story.

9 Responses to “Peace and quiet and ghosts”

  1. Sounds heavenly!

  2. Written beautifully! Now I’m ready to hear the ghost story, LOL!

  3. A story! A story! Hooray!

  4. Glad to hear from the Headspook.

    Thought maybe the Grumble had him locked in the basement!

  5. I could go for a ghost story about now.

  6. A ghost story? Ya a good ghost story would fit nicely now to help some forget the daily issues going on around them. I can’t wait to read it.

  7. I love this website! I could almost smell the air while I was reading this! Can’t wait for the ghost story!

  8. Ticonderogas are the best…esp…the black ones…the greatest things come out of them…and clearly for you too!!
    I found your website yesterday and can’t get off of it…where have you been all my Samhains past?! I could learn sooooo much from you!! You are truly a MASTER!! Thank you for sharing ALL OF THIS!

  9. Wow! Thanks. :)