In Progress …

It’s April 13 and I’m already behind schedule.

A pyramid of paper skulls, having accumulated like dust bunnies, grins like … um, like you would expect. This peanut gallery watches everything that goes on in the Spook Shop, and it’s especially interested in this advanced prototype Grumblesque critter.

When he ships out next month, he will represent a complete Grumble re-design, which is important, since your old pal Spook’s old pal Grumble was officially decommissioned last November. It was a solemn moment, and I admit that it took a while to get up the nerve to put a cloth over his face and saw off his head. Grumbles and Phoenixes have a lot in common, mainly a fondness for setting fires, so he’ll be back, and better than he was before; better, stronger, faster.

Experimental gargoyles occupy the number two slot on the 2010 project list, followed by “Gutter Bats”, and a slew of new tombstones. Spooky Hollow has experienced a haunted housing shortage and needs to expand. Especially with the upcoming horde of new creatures.

We’re trying out all sorts of new ideas this season, and I’m looking forward to seeing what will happen. Mrs. Spookyblue is looking forward to that Capsela-looking thing relocating back to the garage and out of the big chair in the living room.

3 Responses to “In Progress …”

  1. We really like your website Thanks for the info!
    Your a credit to halloween.


  2. fantastic to see you starting some new projects!
    What is pheonix though, and what are gutter bats?

  3. The mythical Phoenix rises from the ashes of its previous life; born again, as it were. Get it? ;)
    Gutter bats … well, they just sort of hang around. From the gutters. Or any convenient overhang. They’re a shifty lot, and not what one might consider meaningful contributors to society. We’ll have more on them as that project progresses.