Haunted table

Tiny little haunted house

Okay, technically this is a haunt on a table.  Although, in order for a place to be haunted, its haunted-ness must come from somewhere.  A haunted tree isn’t bestowed the quality of “haunted” simply by living in a haunted wood, or forbidden forest.  That doesn’t happen until some ghost (or meandering kelpie) decides to take up housekeeping.

Now, the argument can be made that any tree in a haunted wood is itself haunted, to which my reply is:  While all Juggalos live in trailer parks, not all trailer parks are inhabited only by Juggalos.

So I suppose, by virtue of its resident haunt, an “action set” I made for Mrs. Spookyblue, which is in turn haunted by a pair of tiny ghosts, a Sheepdog, and a little Golden Retriever, the table is actually haunted.

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