Grumble Say – About Ants

What happen puny blue man? Probably disappear in puff of logic or something. Pffft!

Grumble say welcome to terrible world of Grumble, where Grumble answer all question and fix all problem.

Now, what happen today? Not care. Grumble say about ants. Not think about puny ants much till get in places not want, like pants or Frankenberry. That when get attention. See two ants walk along side of pool, not care. Million ants in deep end a different matter. Change world.

You say, “How that happen? Grumble not know what talk about!” Grumble say shut hole and listen.

Long time ago ants come America where can make own life. They build towns, learn inventions, go church where want. After while, decide not like sissy king push them around, tell king kiss foot. This make king go bat-poo crazy.

See, terrible king of Angle Land like deep end of pool where he float without stub nasty toes. Not have to work. Just float around and boss all ants. He hate ants in deep end, so he make lots new rules, put red coats in charge. He think some coats scare ants, make them give up want freedom.

Terrible red coats smash some ants, but rest get together and say, “We in deep end ants!” Rest history.

Grumble like hear about history of country on Fourth of July, light pretty sparklers, eat tasty hot dog.

Hope have good In Deep End Ants Day. Grumble go see if find puny Spooky man now, make sandwich, pet dogs.

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