Easter m&m

"Yum"We rely upon a vastly complex network of machinery to supply us with things, and in particular, the production of food.

Anyone who believes the Green Giant commercial showing men in white caps and overalls carefully placing the most succulent ears of freshly-shucked corn into baskets stacked in the beds of their Ford pickup trucks will probably believe anything. It’s not that I’m (very) cynical, but the sheer scale of the job of harvesting and processing means that mechanization is really the only practical solution.

The trade-off is that we have learned to accept the occasional rogue dragonfly wing sticking out of our granola bar, but we generally trust companies to employ certain quality-assurance measures to minimize those sick moments after a bite is taken of something that should not taste the way it tastes.

Ever get a “bad” peanut in an m&m? Barf.

Even with the strictest measures in place, all it takes is for one nasty mutant Easter m&m out of 10,000 to put one’s appetite back on the shelf. That thing looks like either its head asplode, or it was assembled from its constituent parts by the Incredible Hulk. Whoever built the food-printing-machine, however, should be happy to see that the little bunny face looks great.

Gallery of other m&m horrors … (and you thought I was exaggerating)

3 Responses to “Easter m&m”

  1. i’ve never tried a dragonfly wing but i’ll wager it’s a lot tastier than a granola bar.

  2. An interesting aside – back in the day, as Mr. Mars himself traveled the USA he would stop in stores all over the country to buy M & M’s. He’d dump out the bag to make sure the M’s were all perfect, if one was misprinted in any way, he’d call the regional factory and shut down the whole M & M production line. Not sure if Mr. Mars is now spinning in his grave or proud of the ability of the printing machine to soldier on no matter what…

  3. I havnt been to the website for a while like what you did to the place