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Sunny Side

Southern Indiana: The sunny side of Louisville

Makes you wonder what this says about Louisville.

The area we live in is referred to locally as Kentuckiana, which makes for a significant identity crisis for some Hoosiers. It seems that everything around here, especially in the media, is filtered through the Louisville lens. It’s understandable, considering the size of Louisville’s population, but it sure makes Indianapolis feel a long way off. Another good reason to pitch the TV over the fence.

I never cared for the little-brother-sounding “Sunny Side” moniker, either. Outland refuges, by definition, aren’t generally found within any “Metro” district. Snug Harbor has its own roots, and we’re perfectly happy to live in southern Indiana; not Kentuckiana, or Indyucky, or Cincihoohoo, or wherever.

Anyway, I always liked this picture. We haven’t chased the balloons in a long time.