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Snow, snow, snow, snow

“Getting an inch of snow is like winning 10 cents in the lottery.” ~ Bill Watterson

While the eastern seaboard digs out from beneath three-to-four feet of ice-cold global warming, Snug Harbor enjoys a seven inch dusting.

Nothing quite compares to watching a snowstorm unfold from the comfort of your study, to the background strains of Chuck Mangione’s Bellavia and intermittent squawks from the police scanner.

Snowy Snug Harbor Pictures

Anything worth doing…

Toll booth of the damned“I’ll mow the yard. You get to work building my mausoleum.”

A more pleasant ambush of words, so sweetly spoken, I cannot imagine. Maybe if you tossed in a dune buggy and an abandoned amusement park.

Our proto-mausoleum, pictured above, exemplifies the good ol’ Clark Griswald spirit alongside a certain dyslexic understanding of basic geometry. The four walls were built and assembled in about four hours. The roof took three days. Give me the chance to confuse a pitch angle with a gable cut and I’ll take it every time.

Mausoleum sketch 1Mausoleum Sketch 2Nevertheless, Spooky Hollow’s new luxury resort for reveling revenants should be open for business by opening night on October 10. What final shape it will take is anyone’s guess. At the very least, I’ll have finally found a suitable purpose for our vast collection of pool noodles.

Neph’s 4×4 mausoleum plans kick-started this project.