Paper Mache Skeleton V2.0 – Part 2

Demolding The RibcageIf you have a natural talent for origami, or if you’ve ever solved a Rubik’s Cube, then de-molding a paper mache skeleton will be a slam dunk.

De-molding this guy was actually not that difficult. Reassembling the flayed corpse, however, was more of a challenge. I don’t think I ever re-combobulated a Rubik’s Cube without peeling the stickers.

Inside Out SkeletonFront & Back

It looked less like an exploded Giger monster after the ribcage bits were tacked back together.

Looks like a roast turkeyDe-molded Spine

Some Assembly RequiredArm Bones

Paper Mache Skeleton V2.0 – Part 1

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