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Well-behaved children welcome

The rest will be made into pies

DIY Trick or TreatersOn the outskirts of civilization, where the occasional homestead or free-hold is separated by miles of corn, cows outnumber people, and two tractors meeting are likely to close a stretch of road while their drivers catch up on local gossip, there lives the far-flung haunter.

Halloween night can be a bit anticlimactic for this type. He’ll see few, if any, trick or treaters. This isn’t really an issue for the resourceful outland haunter with a healthy “build it yourself” attitude.

A ghost, a witch, and a devil walk into a ...

Kids made their own costumes

Lose your comb?  Wanna borrow my pitchfork?

This looks like a great place to kill twelve minutes

Stay in the light

I said stay in the light!

Ghost in the graveyard

Let's do this