How they got their name...

S. Blue project notebook - August excerpt

I suppose I should have expected something like this.  There must be something in the glue.  

We've been battling temperatures all summer that have hovered around the mid 90s like a fly at the dinner table.  Add to that a hunter-seeker variety of mosquito that has moved into the neighborhood this summer and is impervious to Deet in all its forms. It's been a real menace.   That is, until the two giant jackolanterns showed up.   At first I didn't really notice that I hadn't slapped a bug in a while.  But then one night I thought I heard crunching and giggling.  Just figured I'd been spending too many hours out in the shop breathing foam cutter fumes.

I'm not going to actually come out and say that two paper mache pumpkins have come to life in my garage and are eating a quantity of flying bugs every night.  But with sunspots and H5N1 and probably the T-virus floating around out there, who knows.  Anyway, you get used to it after a while.  Like two bug zappers, but without the "Zzztt!"

And that's why they're called the Moth Brothers.  Oh, and because a moth flew into the glue one night and committed suicide, so I decided to honor its memory.

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