The Moth Brothers were a fun project, and I can see the makings of a mutant pumpkin patch in the coming years. It may take me that long to come up with a way to properly seal these guys so future generations don't get saturated with rain like these guys did.

The water damage was minimal, but it was enough to distort Fred's (the tall one) shape so that he falls over now without a stake  or stand to hold him up.  A little reshaping will fix this.

Or maybe I'll have an auction to raise glue money for next year.  Hmm..

Anyway, giant sharky jackolanterns make great props.  They're easy to build if a little time consuming, but what could be easier?  Start in November and you could fill your whole front yard with these gruesome gourds by the following Halloween.  Have fun!    ~ Headspook
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