Paper Mache Skeleton - Completed Crow

Finally!  A skeleton on a stick

Paint your Brigand with latex or acrylic paints.  A couple of coats of outdoor waterproofer is essential if your monster will be spending much time outside.  Add a few shreds of cloth or gauze to flutter in the breeze and you're ready to completely creep out the neighborhood.  A bit of fabric draped over the shoulder nicely hides the arm/shoulder connection.


There are so many variations to try that your finished Crow may look way different from this one.  In fact, the goal here has been to share the mechanical challenges without getting too bogged down in artistic details.  Those are yours to play with.

So, have fun, and when your new skeleton on a stick becomes the subject of a special meeting of your neighborhood association, let us know!  More pictures here, and here.

Crow Gallery