Fall 2007 - New tombstones, new zombies, new giant
paper mache pumpkin monsters that melted after the first rain
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The graveyard at Snug Harbor grew by a few more stones this year, and also by three new undead tenants.  Housing hasn't become a problem yet, and shouldn't ever be an issue as long as we don't get tired of building new tombstones.  Off-season accommodations continue to be problematic and promise to be exacerbated by the arrival of our three new zombies and their gourdy neighbors, the Moth Brothers.

If you've been following the blog, you've heard whispers about these guys throughout the summer.  They're big, they're mean, but they were powerless against the rainstorm that sent them both to the garage intensive care unit to dry out.  This acrylic floor sealer we've been using just isn't cutting it.

As darkness falls and temperatures drop to the mid 80s, and if you can ignore the mosquitoes, the grinning, glowing denizens of Spooky Hollow invite you to join their haunt.

The Grumble has experienced several setbacks this year mainly due to squirrel suicide squads that have launched continuous smash and grab attacks that have robbed most of the ears of corn from his shocks.

I'm convinced that these soldier squirrels are either seriously mutated, hockey-mask-wearing, chainsaw swinging little furry rodents of death, or that the Grumble eats them wholesale and lets a few get away to make it look good so Central Squirrel Command will send more.

Either way, it is very possible that this is the last year we'll see the Grumble in this particular configuration.  What do you think?  Keep him?  Chuck the body, save the head?  Let us know what you think.