Fall 2007 - The undead don't care if it's 93 degrees
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Snug Harbor is crisp this October, but not the type of crisp you normally associate with a frosty mid-October evening.  After an insanely hot Summer, we're glad to see Autumn finally come strolling down the road.  Except that it seems to have stopped to look at something lying in the ditch along the way.  And now it's chatting with crazy old Mr. Richardson who likes to sit on an old milk crate on his front porch and chew on ginseng roots.  Oh, great.  Autumn just pulled up a crate and chomped down on a root of its own.  Nevermind that it's late for work and Summer is starting to get ticked off.  There were a couple of tornado touchdowns just a few miles away from Snug Harbor last week.  That's what happens when Summer has to stick around late (four weeks now) because the guy who's scheduled to close hasn't shown up for work yet.  Somebody needs to say something to the Boss.

Anyway, the undead don't care if it's 93 degrees.  They're just glad to be out terrorizing again.