Thunder Over Louisville 2006 Airshow
Jeffersonville, Indiana
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A note about these frogs ...

This woman who took the time to sew frogs to her shirt and pants is the type of artist who suffers for her art.  Now it was our turn.

Okay, okay. To be honest, I think the frogs themselves are great.  She obviously is a free spirit who likes to have fun with her wardrobe, and I admire that.  I mean, I'm wearing my favorite "The Cheat" shirt right now.

However, not unlike tween girls (whose mothers should be painted orange and dragged through the streets behind a pack of Shriners driving miniature dunebuggies) drawing attention with phrases like "Juicy", or "Look at my ass" to places that should not be getting anyone's attention, this worried little frog just draws the eye someplace nobody wants to go. This lady's rear end.

I have to go wash with bleach now.