My brother, one of the founding members of, wrote of Ransom's passing ...

"Ransom's mom and I are sad to say that he is no longer with us in body. However, his spirit will always be felt and remembered. My mother wrote that 'remembering him is a blessing'. We agree with mom and take comfort in that.

His life began on 10/15/1999. God decided that he was ready for heaven on 4/2/2009 at 8:00am. Although his dreams (our dreams-me and Ransom) of buying a John Deere combine to make millions of dollars by entering it in fall parades never came true, I like to think that most of his dreams were realized. He got to camp, hike, canoe and roll in freshly cut grass - turning his blond coat green. As for his contributions to Halloween, he was instrumental in our first crank ghost design - and noted its many design faulures even before they were realized. He dressed up as 'Darth Ransom', 'Count Ransom' and supervised the calibration of various fog machines and haunt designs.

He will be missed but never forgotten. His life and death reminds us to appreciate who we love; being human, pup, kitty or otherwise, and to thank God for the time we have together. I like to think that 'Uncle Jamie', 'Uncle Bob', 'Spook' and 'Goliath' and others will welcome Ransom and share in his adventures in his new life. "