I have always wanted an aluminum Christmas tree and a color wheel.  As a kid, I remember our neighbors across the street displaying one on their front porch.  I got the impression that in the '70s it was considered old-fashioned, or maybe even tacky, but I didn't care.  How could this multicolored wonder be labeled tacky when we were all drowning in harvest gold shag carpeting, drinking Faygo Redpop out of an avocado green plastic Tupperware cup while watching the Star Wars Holiday Special?  What hypocrisy! 

I spent a great deal of time in our front window watching that tree, fascinated by the colors slowly melting from one hue to another.  I had no idea how it worked, but I'll never forget the magic it added to my Christmas. In 2006 we found a vintage aluminum tree and a color wheel on eBay.  This silly little contraption and aluminum sticker bush, a recycled decoration from another era, was a cheerful addition to the Snug Harbor Christmas Experience that brought me a great deal of joy. 

Above are a few images as seen from the perspective of a peeping tom peering through our front door.