Christmas Lights Are Dangerous and Want to Kill You – Part 3

This happens every year. No matter how many times (or how loudly) I swear that I’ll never string Christmas lights in the dark again, here I am (again) at the top of a frozen aluminum extension ladder in pitch black. My fingers are so numb that I may as well be wearing boxing gloves, and […]

Christmas lights are dangerous and want to kill you – Part 2

It was a cold, damp evening. Thick fog poured from deep woods and out of culvert pipes to cover yards and driveways in our subdivision, mailboxes transformed into mute sentries along the sides of the road. For the first week of December, the scene was more reminiscent of The Legend of Sleepy Hollow than It’s […]

12V Haunt Lighting with Hacked LED Christmas Lights

I think the secret to a successful blog is to write only about five articles a year. Your traffic, if you ever had any, will fall through the floor, and that really takes the pressure off. This makes perfect sense to anyone who has ever been labeled a curmudgeon. If it doesn’t describe you, however, […]

There has only ever been one Christmas – The rest are anniversaries

One of life’s truths is that one’s dedication to an ideal is reflected in the complexity of one’s Christmas light display. This is completely unfair, of course. Who’s to say that the house with 50,000 lights, a penguin army, and Santa flying a helicopter across the front yard harbors more Christmas spirit than that house […]