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Page 4 ~ Slap me some skin, bro
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If you want your corpse to be more interesting to look at than say, a dead mole or a melting stick of butter, then a good skin job is a must.

Stuff newspaper into all the cavities of your corpse.  This makes the paper mache work much easier.  Apply carpet latex to news paper strips and place them over the rib cage.  Start with the rib cage, then do the arms and the neck.  Build up the neck with rolled newspaper and/or duct tape.

Add as many layers as you like, and make sure there are no holes around the base for outdoor critters to make a homey little nest.

Turning the skull into a head

A skull is spooky, but a rotting head is pretty damn terrifying. 

Start by laying strips of newspaper along either side of your mouth. After you've grown tired of that, put them on your corpse's head to form the skin for his cheeks.  The idea is to turn that smiling skull into a screaming head.  Use plenty of glue, and apply 3-4 layers of newspaper.  Tear your newspaper strips so the ends are ragged to help them blend into the rest of the face, and alternate with longer strips that cover the sides of his head and jaw.  You can increase the strength of your corpse cheeks by adding a strip of duct tape to the inside of the mouth.

You can opt not to cover the bottom of the jaw, but if you do cover this area, make sure not to build up the chin too far or he'll suffer from the "pelican effect".  Not scary.
Pay extra attention to the neck.  You have lots of muscles and sinewy stuff on your neck to hold up your head (ick), so your corpse wants some too.  Run newspaper strips all the way from the shoulders to the sides of the head.  This will give the impression of a continuous mass of flesh instead of a stalk.  Be sure not to leave pockets of air under your skin, especially on the neck, or you could end up with a case of the saggies that could tear.  Each layer should stick to the layer below it.
Corpse your corpse
Your corpse is basically done at this point except for the final layer of skin.  Use paper towel or your favorite corpsing material and detail the heck out of him.  I have a standard corpsing procedure for this sort of thing.  Carpet latex and paper towel makes an excellent boiled-chicken kind of skin.

You can really have a lot of fun adding all sorts of gross details like bulging veins running down his neck, extra sagging skin on his face, and even eyeballs (next page).  Overdo it.  Exaggeration is key.  Especially if your corpse will be placed very far away from your spectators (prey items).   I like to put a few layers of skin over the face to make it look like the skin is pulled tight to the skull.  You can even build up a face if you like.  Add layers around the eye sockets and over the nasal cavity.  Maybe even make it look like half the face has been ripped off.  Bleah.

Want to add an extra, totally unnecessary, over the top level of chilling detail?  How about something neat like corpse-sculpting?
Heh ... read on.