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Spooky Blue's new office at Snug Harbor was at one time a child's nursery, its walls painted a merry yellow and white with a border of bunnies, kittens and the ABCs.  Ack.  I mean, this room could have turned a werewolf's stomach.  It inspired me to look up the word vomitus.

In lieu of sacrificing a goat and splashing it about the room at the next full moon, I went a different route.  Sort of hotrod truckstop with flames.

We ripped the old border off the walls and rolled on several coats of fire brick red and atomic bomb aftermath orange.  No happy little saccharine-smile forrest creature would survive.  After the tiny screams had all finally stopped, we put up the flame border. 
Having some border left over,
we decided to flame the sheepdogs.

Things just deteriorated from that point on.