The Movie Shoot
Spending the day as a zombie extra for Dead Moon Rising was a lot of fun, to which I'm sure the rest of my cadaverous brethren would attest.  In fact, after filming the first take of the zombie horde filling the street to confront the biker gang, director Mark Poole noted, "You guys are having a blast, and it shows because every one of you was smiling!"  On the second and subsequent takes, we all had to remember to stay in character.  "Growl, snarl."
Yours truly should be just stage left of center in the arial shot of the horde clawing its way toward the bikers.  Look for the guy in the bright yellow shirt who obviously closely studied every Planet of the Apes movie and based his loping run on a rampaging chimpanzee.  - You know the saying, "Human see, human do."
Here we see director Mark Poole getting ready for the big rally in which a whoooole bunch of bikers come to the call of our heroine (the blonde chick with the gun).