Applying Zombie Makeup
Zombie makeup is a lot of fun.  I started by applying liquid latex, then patting it with a rough sponge for a stippled effect.  After it dried, I just peeled some parts away from the skin, gouged a couple of holes and I was ready for makeup.

Incidentally, neither the cat nor the collies appeared to be concerned in the least as zombie dad rampaged through the house.  The sheepdogs were also noticeably unconcerned.
"Disguise Stix" soap-based makeup on a stick works great for that over-all pallor.  I really liked the Mehron "Bruise Palett" grease paint. The brown, gold, and purple turned out to be perfect dead flesh colors.  Too bad I ended up sweating most of it off by the end of the day.  You would think that most of it would have ended up on my costume, but it didn't.  It must have vaporized or something. 

My costume was a "blood" soaked yellow shirt and shorts nabbed from Salvation Army.  The blood was a mixture of corn syrup and red food coloring.  If you decide to soak your clothes with fake blood, just for fun, then give them plenty of time to dry.  Let them bake in the sun for about three days.  Otherwise, no matter how careful you were, you might still get it all over your wife's car and maybe she won't see it, but probably she will and boy will you be in for it.