Dead Moon Bikers
A little girl playing in her front yard hears the loud rumbling noise of motorcycles coming down her street.  She calls into the house, "Daddy, some guys on motorcycles are coming!"  Her father calls back, "I think you should come in the house."  She looks back toward the bikers and says, "Daddy, they’re riding Harleys!"  The father shouts back, "You’d better bring in the dog too!"
An impressive number of bikers were present for the final shoot of Dead Moon Rising.  There was so much leather and denim walking around that I half expected a Lynyrd Skynrd concert to spontaneously break out.  But seriously, these folks were great.  Even the guy who accidentally clocked me during the big zombie battle offered to help find any teeth he might've knocked out.  My favorite of the whole lot, though, was the guy in the skunk-skin cap.