Spooky Blue Studios
Formed to give its founder something else to do on Friday nights besides drink.  SBS occasionally produces unusual original, (or otherwise re-arranged) music and other audio compositions.

Enjoy the collection, and email us your thoughts.  That shouldn't take long, should it?

You keep using that word...


Roodoff the Rednosed Collie
Saul & Hannah perform this classic holiday hit in their own unique way.  From their Xmas Boogie 2001 CD. 
Download MP3 (2.7M)
Barking Around the Xmas Tree
..knocking it to the floor, chewing on ornaments merrily, rolling them out the door!  From S&H's Xmas Boogie 2002 CD.
Download MP3 (2.7M)
Ichiban, TAKEGON
Written for our Japanese pals, this heavily orchestrated piece will get your paws tapping. 
Download MP3 (2.7M)

The War of The Worlds 
A Spooky Blue adaptation of Orson Welles and The Mercury Theater's production of the novel by H.G. Welles. 
(pant pant)

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Other Junk

The Road to Tyco Station
Spooky Blue & The Rock Hoppers covers the '80s arcade classic "Moon Patrol" theme
Download MP3 - 4.8M
Starleague Baseball (Bases Still Loading)
Commodore 64 alumni will remember Starleague baseball and this distinct intro music.  It was a great game.  This is a so-so rendition.
Download MP3 - 4.4M
Los Collies In Paradise
Island Muzak for the Captain Morgan Crowd
Featuring Saul & Hannah
Download MP3 - 1.8M
"The Number You Have Dialed...
"Is out of service at this time.  Please hang up and dial 'O' for 'Operator'.  This is a recording.  Ha ha...haaa...ehh heh heh."
Download MP3 - 1.8M
Saul Rock
You aren't being paid to believe in the power of your dreams.
Download MP3 - 3.7M

Spooky Blue's Production Staff & Studio Musicians

Lead guitar

Loves performing.
Currently dating Brittney Spears.
Prefers Coca Cola


Served as fashion adviser in recent "Goldmember" movie.

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