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Thunder Over Louisville Frequencies

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Here are some interesting frequencies to monitor during Thunder Over Louisville.  It really makes the air show a lot more interesting.  Some of the following frequencies don't have identifiers.  Just happened to hear some interesting chatter and saved the channel.  The Air Boss freq isn't always the same each year, so one of the unidentified freqs may end up being Air Boss this year.  We'll update as we find out more.  If you happen to know who a particular frequency belongs to, let us know!  Special thanks to Daiv for compiling this list and keeping us up to date.  Wada-guy-wada-pal.
Daiv once again has come through for us.  Here is a real treasure ... a direct dump from his hand-held with frequencies and alpha tags.  Click here for the complete list
122.7000 Clark Co unicom 121.7000 SDF Ground E
119.5000 Bowman tower 348.6000 SDF Ground
118.0500 Clark Co clearance 124.2000 SDF Tower E
133.0500 Indy ARTCC (Henryville) 133.2000 SDF Tower W
134.2750 Indy ARTCC (Henvryville) 257.8000 SDF Tower
269.4500 Indy ARTCC (Henvryville) 123.6750 SDF Approach/Departure W
278.5000 Indy ARTCC (Henvryville) 132.0750 SDF Approach/Departure E
352.0000 Indy ARTCC (Henryville) 132.3250 SDF Approach/Dep
142.3500 Ky Air National Guard 126.1000 SDF Clearance
123.1500 Aeroshell / Lima Lima (flight team) 121.5000 Emergency
123.4250 Lima Lima (flight team) 118.5750 Clark County AWOS (automated weather observation system)
123.5000 Lima Lima (flight team) 243.0000 Indy ARTCC (Indy) low
123.4500 Aeroshell Aerobatic Team (T-6) 124.7750 Indy ARTCC (Henryville) low
122.9250 Swift Magic Aerobatic Team 268.1000 Unidentified
122.7750 Swift Magic Aerobatic Team 306.2000 Unidentified
122.7250 Red Baron Squadron 123.1750 Unidentified
122.7750 Red Baron Squadron 381.8000 Unidentified
123.1500 Red Baron Squadron 132.3125 Unidentified
122.9500 SDF Unicom (Louisville Intl.) 327.0000 Unidentified
132.9500 Heritage Flight - F15, F16 & P51 381.6500 Unidentified
118.7250 SDF ATIS (airport terminal information service) 271.2000 Unidentified
119.8250 SDF Ground W 275.8000 Unidentified

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