Pocky is a mood-altering crunchy pretzel stick/cookie coated in chocolate.  Well, it actually comes in many flavors, but chocolate is Spooky's personal favorite.

Having a bad day?  Eat some Pocky and forget about your problems.  Tire flat on your SUV?  You won't care if you're munching Pocky!  There isn't a Keebler elf who wouldn't sell his fairy godmother for Pocky.

Not being fluent in Japanese, I don't really have any idea what's in these things.  Probably sugar, sunshine, and some super happy flavoring.

A typical Pocky box contains three packages of five sticks each.  

Glico, the manufacturer, advertises the snack as being "for the intelligent connoisseur," but we like them anyway.

Living in southern Indiana, we don't really experiment much with our diet around these parts.  Heck, putting spaghetti in our chili is considered pretty exotic.

I'm very lucky to receive a care package about once a year from my friends
GOMA & TON in Tochigi, Japan.  That's how I was introduced to Pocky.

In addition to the mother load of Pocky this year, the kids also got some
very tasty treats!

Rationing Pocky

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