An ingenious flickering candle effect using a single flickering light source, or a SpookyFire Blob (Spookyfire Lantern)

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This is cool

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Recently, while strolling through the garden section of Meijer, the lovely Mrs. SpookyBlue and I spied this ingenious outdoor "flickering candle" light.  This unit is solar powered and utilizes a single LED that flickers pseudo-randomly.  The light emitted from the LED is directed into a hollow reflector that flickers in response.  The LED is tucked out of site in the upper section of the assembly.  The reflector sits inside a glass enclosure, and aside from a discernible repeating pattern, the effect is startlingly realistic.

Here is a mockup of the assembly using a 3 LED SpookyFire blob.  Greater numbers of LEDs could be added, but for the mockup you get the idea.  Hide Ultrabrites in the top of the enclosure and direct their light into a hollow reflector (rolled white paper or possible a glass votive holder misted with white or yellow paint).

Light from Ultrabrites directed into reflector

Here's basically what you would get.  It's important to use bright LEDs like those used in LED flashlights.  The light needs to be directed into the reflector to pull off the effect.  Standard LEDs probably wouldn't do the trick here.  A SpookyFire blob would generate a much more random flicker than what I'm showing, so the overall effect should be very interesting.  I wonder how this would look using different colors, or even just blue Ultrabrites.  Hmmm.

We'll be lining the driveway with these SpookyFire lanterns.  I just wish I could take credit for the reflector idea.  =)

Might look like this

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