Glenwood Amusement Park - New Albany, Indiana
Here is another local dead amusement park to add to the list along with Fontaine Ferry and Rose Island (Fern Grove). Glenwood Park was located along the banks of Silver Creek near Spring Street in New Albany, Indiana.  Originally named Silver Creek Park, the name was changed in 1904.

The Chatauqua Pavillion was the big attraction where, among other events, silent movies were shown.  There were also carnival rides, a dance hall, baseball fields, bowling alley, and a shooting gallery.
There may also have been a lake in or near the park as is evidenced by the following March 21, 1916 obituary ...

Glendwood Amusement Park
The body of a young woman who walked into Glenwood Lake at Glenwood Park at 10:45 o’clock Saturday morning was identified at the undertaking establishment of Lottich Bros., East Fourth and Spring streets, as Mrs. Bessie Kraft, wife of Frank D. Kraft, Silver and Elm streets.

While Isaac Lemmon was engaged in trimming trees in the park he observed a young woman walking alone through the park. She walked to the bank of the lake at a point about forty feet above the dam across Silver Creek, where she took off her coat and hat, laying them on the ground, and walked into the water. Mr. Lemmons, who was 200 yards away ran to the lake, but the woman had gone down the third time. He raised an alarm and a number of persons began dragging the lake for the body.   =More=
Floyd County Historical Society will host a program about Glenwood Park at the New Albany-Floyd County Public Library
Tuesday, June 27, 2006 7:00:00 PM
Wendy Stepro
Strassweg Auditorium of the New Albany-Floyd County Public Library