Spooky's Mole Eradication Diary

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Placed four mole daisies in the side and back yard in an attempt to annoy the mole away.
Mole continues to excavate in and around the mole daisy locations.  All daisies are spinning now after some minor adjustments.
Mole seems unfazed by the mole daisies, continues to excavate.  Mashed in his tunnels.
Mole re-excavating mashed holes, unperturbed by mole daisies.  Mole daisies beginning to clatter loudly now as the central holes continue to widen as they spin.  Large flock of birds gathering daily to view mole daisies.
Mole daisies considered a complete failure.  Varmint has no fear of spinning aluminum daisies.  Sprayed for grubs.  If there's no food, then maybe the rascal will go dig up someone else's yard.  Birds, on the other hand, fascinated by spectacle.  Considering some means to charge admission.