July 4, 2004

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Nothing says Independence Day like the smell of sulphur, plumes of green smoke, and burn holes in your shirt.

As the afternoon drew toward evening a nice little storm blew through to cool things off.  We can only take the rainbow to mean that God wants us to set something on fire, so with the help of the Goldens we empty the bag of goodies from a trip to Tennessee and get ready for a fun filled night.

Roman candles, fire-pooping turtles, mortars, smoke bombs, sparklers, and fountains (unfortunately named "Golden Shower" by the Chinese manufacturer) all made a fine addition to the symphony of pops, booms and whistles that fill the air in the neighborhood.

This guy down the street took about an hour to set off his package of fountains with the grim, methodical-ness of a man who doesn't really want to be standing in the street with hands clasped over his ears, but who must sacrifice up something to the holiday gods or feel unaccountably disappointed the next day.