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1/15/2006  ~ Muddy Paws
It was a beautiful sunny Sunday afternoon, and the kids had fun playing outside.  Of course collies enjoy anything wet and squishy, so the rest was inevitable.  Lucky for us the kitchen floor was freshly mopped and shined the day before.
Collies hate paw baths.
Saul doesn't hold a grudge, though.
Hannah knows she's next.
Sheepdogs prefer to lounge on the deck instead of plod around in the mud, so while the collies get a sponge bath, there is much haranguing going on from these two.
After everyone is all cleaned up and the floor is re-mopped, it's time for choir practice. 

Always enthusiastic singers, the trio belts out a chorus of "Thiiiis iiiis myyyyyy country! Laaand that I lovvvvve!"