Ironstock 2004 (June 25-27)

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The hills of Tell City, Indiana hosted Ironstock 2004, southern Indiana's annual Halloween haunter's rendezvous.  Pulling into the parking lot at the 4H Fairgrounds felt like a homecoming.  These were my kind of people, an eclectic group who simply love Halloween and haunting.  Here was a chiropractor, there an engineer and a teacher, all sharing stories and information about various ways of scaring the bejeezus out of people who tour their haunts.  What a great feeling it was to find that I wasn't the only oddball who started his haunt projects in July.  Indeed, the Ironstock mantra is "That which doesn't kill us only makes us stranger".

A handful of exhibitors from the region were on hand, but the real draw of the event seemed to be renewing old acquaintances.  These folks all knew one another, and like CB clubs of years past they're referred to by their online handles.  Wormy, Webby, Ironman, and Snake were just a few of the names I heard in passing.  I regretted not having written "SpookyBlue" on my nametag.

Saturday morning and afternoon flew by and it was soon time to come back home, though I sorely wanted to stay for the "Weasel Ball".  I'll be coming back next year.  For more information about Ironstock, visit their website at

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Tell City
Phillips 66 station

Welcome to Ironstock.

Hearses and other exotic modes of transportation are on display.

Jim Wieme tools about the graveyard in his custom-built cas-kart.

I bet these boats get a lot of attention at the drive-in.

Participants and spectators gather for "coffin races to the death". 

That walking manikin thing is just plain creepy, but the coffin racers don't mind.

Cool yard troll 

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