Halloween 2004

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An unfortunate corpse is crushed by a waterlogged tombstone.

Our FCG was too bulky to move into the front window, so she haunts the garage this year. This corpsed cheap-skeleton-in-a-bag soaked up about 5 gallons of water sitting in the rain over the past two weeks.  The Spookyfire pumpkin, however, seems unfazed by the weather and has worked without a hitch.  (video)

A groundbreaker corpse surveys his little patch of ground.

Mr Bonz looks a little worried with all these collies running around his graveyard. 

After a little repair work, Mr. Kaput's skeletal fingers get un-smashed and put back into service.

Hannah makes sure all her props are working properly before she goes back inside to watch "Hocus Pocus" on television.  Her "Spongebob" mum keeps watch.

Here we see our lightning machine in "Spook Command & Control".  All systems green.

When the sun goes down the spooks get spookier.

Click the link below to see our 2004 props in action!


A fluttering specter gazes out the front window attended by a trio of glowing skulls.   Meanwhile, a menacing orange grin awaits TOTS who venture up the steps of doom.

Our flying crank ghost earns her keep by scaring the hell out of the dogs and cats.  No humans have run away in terror.  Yet.