"All your base" award winners (Click screenshots to zoom in)

And then there's this gem...

Space Bomber:
This odd 1998 title by Psikyo is essentially Space Invaders for amphetamine users.

An alien wad of clay or possibly a Super Ball with eyes attempts to sweet talk the President into handing over the earth.  The President refuses, and this really pisses off the alien.

Soon you're fighting for every second of life as the screen literally explodes with deadly bullets.  This is a supremely difficult twitch-you're-dead shooter, but enjoyable nonetheless.

Especially the cut-scenes. 

Battle Rangers:  Grand prize winner for most unintelligible.

Darius-Gaiden-Silverhawk:  For restoring peace, you get an "accessory for bravery". 

Sengoku Ace Ep. 2:  Maiden Miko's boobies are here to bring justice!  More pix...

Samurai Aces:  "Best use of nouns" award.

R Shark:  This gimp-like character wins the "most disturbing fetishist" award hands down.

Storm Blade:  Speedracer trades in the Mach5 for a red fighter to clean the dir-ty skies.

Storm Blade again:  What do you say when you sneeze but there's nobody else around?

Twin Eagle II, The Rescue Mission:  Receives the Douglas Adams award.

Volfied:  Honorable mention for this hacked introduction.